How do I subdivide my land in Melbourne?

What is subdivision?

Do I need a permit to subdivide land?

Subdivision involves dividing a property into smaller lots that can be sold separately.

There are 4 main steps in the subdivision process:

1) obtain a planning permit from council for the subdivision.  There are 2 applications Council require, A Planning Permit and The Certification Application.

2) obtain a Certified plan of subdivision, this involves using a licensed Land Surveyor.  They will survey your land and prepare a draft plan of subdivision. It is a good idea to discuss this with a Town Planner to make sure Council is going to approve it.

3) obtain a Statement of Compliance which is the final approval letter stating that all the external authorities and Council requirements are met. Council needs to refer your subdivision application to the servicing authorities, including: South East Water, Yarra Valley Water, Melbourne Water, Multinet Gas, Untied Energy, Citipower, Telstra and Vicroads.  Council has 7 days to do this. These services must consent to the plan of subdivision before issues a Statement of Compliance.

4) lodgment of the Certified plan of subdivision at Land Victoria (the Titles office) A solicitor, surveyor or            Town Planner will lodge the plan of subdivision and the statement of compliance at Land Victoria and new Titles will be issued.

If the subdivision is approved by council then it goes to Advertising to give public notice of your intentions so that neighbors have the chance to object.

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