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Pre-Build, Pre-Purchase and Contract of Sale Services

Pre-build and Pre-purchase Services

Sale and purchase of properties.

Arky Design truly is a full service architectural design and Building service. The team has extensive experience in all aspects of pre-building and pre-purchase appraisals and reporting.

We can organise:
– pre purchase appraisal;
– contract of sale;
– section 32.

We deal with:
– the sale and purchase of properties;
– conveyancing.

Preliminary Assessments

Unsure if your property is suitable for development?

If you are unsure if your property is suitable for development then arrange for one of our consultants to contact you so we can discuss what’s involved in organising a site visit and completing a preliminary assessment of your property.Let us help you with your pre-purchase appraisal, contract of sale, section 32 and any conveyancing matters. Contact us today on 1300 044 710 or email

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