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The right Home Extension Builders in Melbourne & the Mornington Peninsula

Working with a reputable Home Extension Builder

Arky Design works with reputable home extension builders across Melbourne.

We stake our reputation on delivering high quality home renovations and supplying experienced and reputable house extension builders in Melbourne.

It is a daunting task choosing a renovation builder and construction team for your extension project. The task of a home renovation or house extension builder can be quite different to building a house from the ground up.

For an extension builder, ideally you need to:
a) have knowledge of their previous work,
b) understand the details in their quotation,
c) be able to judge their expertise to avoid wasting time and money,
d) know they have the right temperament,
e) know they can work with you to interpret your vision.

Arky Design can provide a specialist team of quality house renovation and extension builders, skilled in home and bathroom renovation. All of our recommended teams are committed to offering as streamlined a service as possible, causing little disruption and ensuring that the construction process is as straightforward as possible.

A streamlined service

Taking you through the construction process

We offer a streamlined service, taking you through the construction process with little or no stress.

We’ll handle the design and planning process, lodge your building and planning permit application and sourcing a dedicated team of house builders when it’s time to get the construction ball rolling. The services offered by Arky Design are aimed at saving you time and money.

For more information please email us at or phone 1300 044 710.

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