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Building Permits and Planning Permits

Your licence to build.

A building permit is essential when making changes to your residential property or commercial building. Arky Design has over 14 years experience in building permits and home plans in Melbourne. Our knowledge and ability to deal with local councils and planning regulation bodies means we can deliver outcomes at a fraction of the cost for a traditional residential or commercial architect.

Regulatory approvals

Experienced building inspectors thoroughly investigate the property.

Arky Design is authorised to:

  • design and draft plans
  • get engineering computations, foundation data and planning and building permits on your behalf


  • are registered with the Architects Registration Board of Victoria;
  • are registered with the Victorian Building Authority;
  • have professional indemnity insurance.

Building plans for your new home, extension, renovation or repairs must take into account:

  • Victorian Government Building Regulations (to ensure the work is structurally adequate and the health, safety and amenity standards for building is achieved);
  • Foundation data, including soil tests, to work out an appropriate foundation depth, excavation costs and an adequate footing system for the building;
  • Local council law;
  • Mandatory energy rating requirements.

Arky Design will put everything in writing and check the plans and specifications before you sign any contracts.

Our building lawyer can check over the plans and contracts before signing anything.

For more information please email us at or phone 1300 044 710.

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