When a planning permit application for a Change of Use, Dual Development Applications is lodged, it is at Council discretion to determine whether public notification is required.

This is depending on the size and possible impacts of the application, Council decide on advertising to the public either by direct mail notification, on-site signage or advertising in the local paper.

If public notification is required, it must be carried out for a period of at least 14 consecutive days, during this time, any person can make a submission in writing either in support or objection to the proposed permit.

The advertising must be done to council requirements, if it is not done to the letter as required by council, then re-advertising will need to be done which means extra cost and extra time for objections to be submitted.

It is highly recommended that you seek your town planners advise on placement of advertising.

The invitation to comment that is issued by the council is taken seriously by the council and needs to be addressed accordingly by any developer as it could make the difference between a successful or refused application.

Any comments received are called submissions, and these are lodged with the council during the advertising period, submissions that oppose a proposal are known as objections. Most submissions are mostly objections and need to be dealt with promptly by your town planner before council makes its final decision.

It is also important to note that all objections that are successfully dealt with by your town planner are done in writing, as a verbal  acknowledgement to withdraw the objection is not observed by council.