If you have been contacted by your local council in any capacity and you are unsure of your legal position you should consider contacting Arky Design for advice on your planning circumstances.


With any enforcement proceeding it is unwise to ignore an initial approach from Council. Infringements against the local planning scheme or the Planning & Environment Act 1987 are dealt with following the procedures laid down in the Infringements Act 2006 which could possibly result in fines or further action if anything is found to be outside of planning regulations.


Arky Design can help you in understanding your rights and we can advise you quite succinctly of your responsibilities. We can assist you if Council decides to have the matter heard before VCAT or the Magistrates Court.


Heavy penalties may apply for those who fail to satisfy Council.

Let us know if we can be of assistance.

Arky Design Planning Manager

Kate Sullivan is Arky Design’s Planning Manager. We have 14 years experience in navigating the planning, building and legal requirements for large and small development projects. If you have a development that requires the proper planning and building permits and likely legal representation then don’t do what Stefce Kutlesovski and Raman Shaqirito did. Give us a call today and start the discussion.

Kate Sullivan:
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