There is no doubt that commercial building plans are at the very heart of real estate construction industry in Australia. Any person who wants to undertake construction of commercial property should know and observe the rules of building as stipulated by town or city councils across different regions. Some of the important considerations for any builder include applying for building plans and ensuring safety in the commercial buildings.

Applying for Replica of building plans

If you want to build or upgrade your commercial property, then you will be glad to know that you can apply for replicas of building plans. If you also intend to carry out home extensions, then you can still qualify.  It is important to seek the consent of the current owner of a building to obtain or view existing building plans. Replicas of building plans and permits for new homes can be acquired by providing the following information.

  • Address of the property
  • Name of applicants i.e. person requesting for copies of building plans
  • Type of commercial building plans-commercial or residential for estimation of fee
  • Extra information about particular building plans being sought

These are just some of the vital information that you should provide. But, you are also at liberty to provide details/information on particular renovation, building area, and the permit number if you have it.

Besides submitting requests for copies of commercial building, you should also take time to consider the essential safety requirements of maintaining commercial property. Town planning and builders Melbourne and areas factor this issue when planning and developing business property.

Maintaining safety measures in Commercial Property

Despite the fact that town and city councils have a mandate of enforcing regulation on building safety within their jurisdiction, owners are expected to observe basic safety measures. Generally, regulation on construction of commercial building states that the owner of the property is responsible for maintaining the property. More emphasis is placed on the safety features such as prevention of fire situation on buildings and maintenance of desired operational levels in the lifetime of the building. The kind of maintenance to be implemented depends on the complexity or nature of service, equipment, features, and experience of the person doing the inspection or survey.

What the Local Authority Requires from You

Every year, owners are required by town councils to prepare and submit essential service reports on the safety measures implemented on their buildings. The owner may do so as an individual or delegate the task to agents or maintenance contractors.

Besides being maintained properly, commercial buildings that were constructed before 1stJuly 1994 ought to be installed with safety equipment and safety fittings. Records of maintenance checks and service repairs should be kept so as to be checked by municipal building surveyor(s).

Given that regulations on maintenance and safety are bound to change, it is worth checking out or consulting with private building surveyors to see whether you comply with the regulations enforced by the building commission or not.