Are you building in a bushfire prone area?

Building in a bushfire area requires careful planning, siting and design. Buildings
must be designed and constructed to minimise the risk of ignition from a bushfire.
Following the recent bushfires in Victoria there are new regulations which involves
the site to have an assessment done which is called a BAL which is a Building Attack
Level which will assess the buildings in terms of construction requirements. The
BAL is used as part of the Building Permit application.
The BAL must be assessed by a Qualified Building Practioner which Fast Track Plans
& Permits Pty Ltd is and is another part of our service. The BAL includes a site plan
and other information such as a report to identify vegetation, slope direction of the
site, access and access to water supplies.
It is our responsibility as the designer to incorporate the appropriate construction
requirements in the house design and work with our Building Surveyor to ensure you
obtain your Building Permit.
We charge a flat fee of $300 for a BAL and can have it completed in one day to
ensure you can obtain your building permit.
Call our building design department today to get assistance with your.