If you intend to build a residential home or commercial property, you should at least be aware of the sort of building plans that you would want to use during construction. Municipal regulations state that commercial buildings and business should be constructed within the framework of building regulations. Given that building permits required by local council form the foundation of any building project, you should ideally know how to go about accessing these blueprints.

Reasons why you might need Planning and Building Permits

There are quite a number of reasons as to why you may need to apply for a planning permit. And, it is not only limited to subdivision of land. Some of the common reasons which drive people to get these permits are listed below.

  • Demolish a house/structure
  • Extent a house
  • Remove a tree
  • Build units
  • Put up advertising signs
  • Set up or run a home business

Besides the requirement for planning permit, home or commercial builders are also required by law to apply for a building permit. Some of the reasons for this include constructing a new building, fence, out-build, safety barrier, retaining wall, and making alteration or renovation to a business or house.

How to Get Designs of Building Plans

The law states that homeowners and commercial property developers get building permits required by local council. You should not take anything for granted and therefore, you should know that activities such as painting and starting a new business all require town planning. Back to plans, you should follow the steps below to get the best plans from drafts-person(s).

1)      Get a builder to draw your future home. If you get a builder to draw the house plan for you, you won’t own the copyright and this allows different builders to quote them. It is very important to ask the draftsman if you will own the copyrights to the design of commercial buildings and business premises.  And, if the quotes become more than expected, then you will have to get someone else to draw up the plans for you.

2)       The cost is a major determinant and therefore, you should be able to identify builders who can draw up really good plans at affordable costs. It is important to get concept plans plus elevations and directions on copyright before you consent to the development of the building plans. To get good value for your money, get as many quotes from builders first to determine whose pricing fits your building budget.

Don’t forget that building plans and planning permits center on managing development and use of land to minimize negative impact on human settlements. Generally, building permits address the issues of safety and construction and modification of buildings.